Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Biggest Launch EVER! Power Point Presentation

Check it out!

Special Power Point Presentation


Silver with Ageless!!!

Just sharing the good news...I'm Silver with Rejuvenate Worldwide!!!

Now I'm going for the Gold...who's coming with?

I'm always looking for like-minded people to work with so let me know, but in the mean time, I gotta help my team get to Silver and beyond too.

My goal is for my team to be the Top Rejuvenate Team in California this year!

I'm so excited about all the possibilities to inspire others.

Here's to 2009!!! Let's do this together...There's no better time than the present!

Cosmtic Industry is Recession Proof

There are basically three industries that are recession proof...alcohol, tobacco, and the illustrious Cosmetic industry!

Now couldn't be a better time to become involved with one of the 3. Personally, I think the cosmetic industry is something to be proud of out of the three. :)

Rejuvenate Worldwide offers (to anyone who wants it) the best opportunity in the entire beauty and wellness industry. This is a new company with a new vision and now you can be a part of it, right at the beginning!

Ageless anti-aging serum is already a huge hit, and it's in over 100 countries and counting! How's that for opportunity and timing?! And that's just the beginning...there are several new products out and more to come soon.

I'm super excited about the new Miracle, anti-aging product which contains Resveratrol.
Coming soon!

Whether you want to make an extra $500 a month or $5000, you owe it to yourself to check out Rejuvenate Worldwide...I'm so glad I did!

An Attitude of GRATITUDE

Start 2009 with an Attitude of Gratitude (it's never too late to start) and watch what happens.

It has been said, by many successful and truly happy people that living in a constant state of gratitude is the one thing that matters most. Living this way can have a profound impact on the way you view your life.

No matter what your present circumstances, or how bleak things may seem at times...living in a state of gratefulness of the good things (no matter how small) can have a powerful impact on your life, and change everything!

The simple act of writing 5 things you are grateful for everyday can and will change your life forever.

Don't believe me? Try it for yourself...Do it everyday or night for 2 weeks straight and you tell me if it works! I know it will, and you will soon find out for yourself.

All the best,

P.S. Treat yourself to a special Gratitude Journal :)
Welcome to the new LIVE BETTER IN '09 Blog that will change your life forever!

I've been involved with Rejuvenate Worldwide since June, 2008 and I'm absolutely convinced this company has it all. Product formulations which have never been seen before, a passionate team of people who are dedicated to changing people's lives forever, and TIMING!

The timing couldn't be better for a company to come along and offer such incredible opportunies to all who desire a better life for themselves and their loved ones.

I'm going to give you a link to pre-enroll for free and take a "test drive" Log into this site often and simply click on the company momentum button to see for yourself what is happening. You will be astonished at the speed at which this company is growing. Don't let this pass you by. You will not be sorry. All you need is a burning desire for a better life! Ready, set, GO...

Live Better NOW!