Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How to get Ageless Serum FREE Each Month

It's so easy!

First: If you don't already have a username...Go to the back office at http://rejuvenatelive.com, enter your email and just click to become a distributor. It's free and you simply choose a username and fill out the quick form.

Within minutes your new websites will be up and running.
The site your refer your customers to is:
yourusername.rejuvenateworldwide.com...here they have a choice to become a preferred customer or a distributor. Remember no one pays fees of any kind. Ever!

The other site you will have instantly is: yourusername.agelessskinserum.com...this is your free trial site and people can order their free trial product right away.

This is how fast and easy it is to earn your free product each and every month:

Refer just 3 people to order and use Ageless, either by going to your main site or by ordering a free trial. Once they try it and like it...then all it takes is 3 people using the product and that's it. You will recieve a check monthly from the company covering the cost of your product! Plus, you'll be ranked with the co. as a Bronze member.

I did it, and now I'm silver...I can't help but keep going by simply sharing an incredible product people love. Once I get to Gold...That's and easy $500 per month!

All I do is help people get free product. :))

Any Questions? Please go to innerglowspa.com and email me or ask here in the comment section.

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